these cases there was no oedema, but in the third case there
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from the thymus, and with those found in the fluid of the
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the patient much. Both knee-jerks were found absent by Dr.
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At the end of this week he vomited after eating some fresh
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» Anatomy of the Absorbing Vessels, p. ^ Anatomie Descriptive, torn, iv, p. 431,
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1682 years, is higher than among either Mussalmans, 1384 years, or
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other chronic diseases. Patients with altered immune re-
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there any doubt of its being produced by suppuration. This
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marked stimulation of appetite is observed, but this, too, is
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mobility it had, no doubt, been carried up with the perito-
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volving most of the hard, and part of the soft palate, perfora-
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we wiil discontinue our report with the present num-
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17. Chung EK, Walsh TJ, Massie E: Atrial parasystole. Am J
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union of the hinder part of the gut, and give complete rest to
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A3-224 B. MALLEI.— (1) Make a suspension of a 72-hr. glycerin
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hospitals infrequently, as well as some who are house-bound
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dressing of the wound as on the previous day. In the after-
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to be the expansion and further intensification of our efforts
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cosis: A clinicopathologic studv of 51 cases. Lah Invest 11:963-985,
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unsteadily, but the joint affection amply accounted for that.
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usefulness, have been received by the members of this
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6. O'Neill JP, Brimer PA, Machanoff R, Hirsch GP, and Hsie
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from missed appointments during the second half (0.55 ±
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Culex mirmticus (Theo.).*— Occurs only in December to April, and in
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ment to duty. (Par. 7, S. O., 21 1 , A. G. O., Septem-
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basilar and vertebral arteries by contrast medium, the
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tunity of making some experiments upon it, which we could
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examined after staining. The opportimities for bacteriological
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a stay of six months or more. His method of examination consisted
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variation between individuals (3 mg/kg/dose produced a fall
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. the death of Dr. J. Marlon 3ims. This distinguished
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obtained. The patient experienced sudden calls to micturate