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The Schick test and the control test were made on all the inmates
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dry. Peritonitis sometimes occurs over an enlarged iliac gland. In
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viz., Messrs. J. A. H. Bowman, F. Horace Cook, George H.
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"The certainty of a science, as was formerly stated, depends upon
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after birth. It is plain that the results of an infection of the infantile
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by the use of a faradic brush to the eyes and eyelids, failed to cure the
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County Health Officer or his assistant before the first day of January,
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generally occurred in connection with rachitis adolescentium. Of this, evidence
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Gailhard, Lettre au sujet de I'intoxication quinique et de I'infection palustre. Arch.
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References.— ■ " Med. Rec," April 24, 1897 ; = " Brit. Med. Journ.,"
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instrumental deliveries." A friend of mine once told me
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th3 cast showed that it could not have been moulded in a tube of
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ment par les bains froids ; garrison ; avortemeut pendant
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3 Miinchener medlcinische Wochenschrift, February 17, 1903.
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patient frequently. If this be impracticable, as it often will be in country
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on a slight examination, that the organs in which the sensations
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Mutatis mutandis, — these observations apply also
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