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reuther. This is a very instructive article. The whole

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funds for this purpose, and it should meet with general support.

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in classics and mathematics, commenced the study of medicine.

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instance, cannot be carried out except on a dry preparation.

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of the trachea. There was also a general lobular infection of the whole of

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Dr. S. relates two cases in illustration of the opinion

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or present in a series of organs. Their treatment at present obviates the

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they caused general dropsy, and in the other fatty degeneration of the

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by pressure upon the femoral artery, made by the fingers of the house sur-

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with about six thousand white corpuscles, the proportion be-

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I see that I have taken up a great deal of your space, but

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and Throat, Diseases of the Skin, and on the Diet, Hygiene and General

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large part of the body covered thickly with eruption

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divisions ; first, that referring to mechanical treat-

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soft palate can become paralyzed. It may occur m coiv.

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flexible rubber tubes and a steam-chest to the ordinary

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that, viewed mechanically, the normal foot forms witli

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the respiration and lighten the labor of the right heart.