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Hydro- therapeutic advantages are unexcelled. Train,
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complete in this case. The second case gave a history of
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lorms, with enthusiasm, amputation on cadaver . . .
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second stage. If the affection linger and threaten to become chronic, the sul-
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action was most marked ; not so much in diminishing its
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beyond a certain time for instance, that occupied from India
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regions, nausea, vomiting, constipation, a quick, small pulse, etc., symp-
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Moles are dark spots of discolored skin, which vary considerably
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Quite recently Dr. Wheedon has introduced an entirely different
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The very thorough revisioH the work has undergone women of to-day, so commonly associated with the
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perforations, especially of the hard palate acquired by accident or
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The frequent occurrence of severe rheumatic pains in the muscles and
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greater than it could bear. Merely to show specimens and
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children, covorod witli n sinjflo row of flat, polyiT"""! <'ih1o-
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endemic hstmaturia has been applied to it in these situations. The re-
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I have presently to describe as existing in the stomach of the pig, where it is
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between twenty-one and twenty-eight years of age, and a
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That it may be sweet and refreshing, the mind should be free
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made no blood examination, but had so impressed on the patient
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he has usually had i^Iight evening rise of temperature of
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every third hour ; Turpentine stupes (362) or Mustard
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liferation of the endothelial cells of the bloodvessels and lymphatics. Among
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It is evident that a scientific knowledge of mechanico-
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Ann. Soc. de lued. de Gaud, 1894, Ixxiii, 37.5-380.— Iiainls-
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here will be found indeed a difficult one; our patient is from the first
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skull with slightly developed inequalities, the detach-
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coagulated blood, and aeration becomes re-established in the affected
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In New York during the first week in July the daily
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be employed with circumspection in order not to conflict with the first object.
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from the history and from the conditions under which the patient was
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vcrs (K.) Pernicious types of remittent fever: algide