sickle-shaped form primarily takes place subsequent to the formation

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quite smooth on the surface next the lung, but somewhat uneven

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tonics containing iron, should be given, if the patient is anaemic (having

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inhibit it, prolonged warm ones soothe pain and spasmodic

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than 13 cm. at 25 years of age, or greater than 15 cm. at 30 years of age,

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extensors of the fingers moved with difficulty, because of the continued but

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N. Senn, M. I),, I'ii. I)., of Milwaukee, Wis. [Rt'jjrinted from the

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under the same circumstances. The solution undergoes no change of colour

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cure of congestive fever. After bleeding," he says, "we should im-

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me to owe their gravity to the patient having travelled, after the commencement

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particularly to meet the demand for a quick and accurate

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seen great prostration follow the administration of a few

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and the patient received during the time one ounce of brandy

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If then the original bud for the tooth-germ, owing to some

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me if not intermitted. I have to rest accordingly, to stop and

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Such cases may be due to simple separation of the retina, and the

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to children in northern climates as tlie other is to adolescents.

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coloration of those parts of the tongue lying anterior to the circumvallate

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The fluorometer is a useful ai)paratus in many cases. But on account

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the countries from which these people conu- amebic dysentery is com

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Homoeop., N. Y., 1888, 3. s , iii, 765-773.— Morse (W. 11.)

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tremens complicating pneumonia is very frequently fatal. The statistics

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The first case treated was a well-known gentlemen, aged seventy-four,

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are compelled from * these facts, to conclude, that Hydrocyanic Acid produces no abso-

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It was decided to organize the association under the

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" That, during the earlier part of the war, there were many surgeons

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of available oxygen, as required by the British Pliarmacopoeia.

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mencement of healing ;" or, as M. Chauflard thinks, it may be

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ments are making every preparation to insure an interesting

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