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improper boots, confinement to bed, excessive heat, neu-
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giving, as well as by those whose early lack of training has
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cases which have resisted other methods of treatment. In addition
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Poor Law unless this policy is changed. Beneficiaries
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ment, from rabid-dog brains, with the result of develop-
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During rest 2,303 calories =32.9 calories per kilo.
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congress. This was opened on January 15, 1890, in the
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Thoroughly agreeing with Dr. Seaton as to the importance
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The usual treatment for eczema in other locations may be
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tion, while others — e, g., typhoid toxins — have no effect on this coat, but in-
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benignant and superficial form of inflammation, is rarely seen, but when
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cephalous fetus, defective development of the thorax or abdominal
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of the course of motor and sensory paths in the spinal
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The " cholera mist" thus fairly started on August 5, 1866,
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I mention to you now that, for clearer illustration, I may use
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together with some vinegar or weak acetic acid and Florida water
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become so great that albumen, fat, and hydrocarbons are consumed more
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Pence Jones, respecting a quinine-like substance found
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the condition of the heart as ascertained during life and after death,
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Nasal douches should never be used during the acute stages of nasal
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kill guineapigs within 20 hours, became so weak as to produce
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Captain George G. Greenough, 4th Artillery, for duty in
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Monday. — Has slept tolerably well through night. More tranquil and
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soldiers. When we did commence an effective fire we had reached a point
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