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abnormal appearance of the blood to be due to the presence of pus.

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worse prognosis. A glandular onset generally betokens a chronic but

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amples of this kind will be found in schoolgirls who

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times a day, after meals. Under this treatment diarrhoea and

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injury to the brain, that death soon followed. The man was seen to commit

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arise spontaneonsly in the course of this disease, it ought not to be

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General Hospital, '99-00, was married to Miss Laura Tudhope,

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decomposition later and thus poison the system; hence its local

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Physical Properties. — In general it may be said that the physical

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drink a glass of such beer, so strong in alcohol and so rich in

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(.so often used in enemata) soon destroy the indiarubber. Mr.

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antrum and along the distal four-fifths of the lesser curvature, and

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