be thrown upon the ground. The collars should be carefully wiped
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eases may exist in other conditions of meteorological phenomena, but they
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death-rate is greatly affected by the presence of a number of military
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Lavori d. Cong, di med. int. 1888, Milano, 1889, i, 345-349.—
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dilatations of os set in in all cases not later than twenty-eight hours after its
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tured, and it appeared, that on suddenly turning round the
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greatly reduced, and thenceforth neither of them ever regained
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arc exposed. He then puts the patient in a warm bath, where he is
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nosis as to life is favorable, as to recovery unfavorable; in fibrinous
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however, colorblind. He had specific urethritis, and possi-
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the Board ot Governors of this Hospital, held on the 23rd of
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that the low emanation content rapidly deteriorates
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Both urine and sediment have this dirty aj^pearance, whidi alone, to
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has been administered, we may not conclude that none has been
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lief in sthenic cases, cold applications where the patient was
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ject of gelsemin, in which the following remark is made in regard to
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Hammerton', Thomas, E.sq., late of 112, Piccadilly, W., at Cheltenham,
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cases one month later. Six round liganjent cases and ten fixation cases
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the larger number of cases and may again be divided
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It was of a pale colour, perfectly uniform on the surface, and of the same
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heart. But the reports of other cases led him to see from the
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of sassafras to ,5 i of iodoform completely covers the
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Cutter, to my written requests for a reference to the journal
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I think the radiation oncologist was justified in treating this
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work in preparation for the press, in relation to Jewish leprosy in
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(a) External Hemorrhage. — In order that this shall take place
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foreign body, in the shape of a drainage-tube, may have seemed a little
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ed with suspicion. Prannsserotina and P. virginiana are well
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ing" of English books, "with (or, as too often happens, without) notes
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of data with regard to the etiological factors in the
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necessaril)' follow that the Local Authority should find it to
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the exclusive pursuit of that indication. I am still speaking of