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convened at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, by War Depart-
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the physiology of the brain and of mental action ; Longet and
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Collins and was ultimately sent to a school for the blind, where she
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Mrs. Armstrong, both in Australia and in England, I can recom-
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for 1844, p. 314. The prisoner was acquitted on a verdict of ' not proven ; '
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it is vibrating, very irregular, very intermittent,
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ly pointed out by Menard. But, although these diseases are
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Picric Acid in the Treatment of Skin Diseases.— M. Cavelli
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men. There is also a class of ignorant men, who gained their appoint-
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.048 gm. (3 gr.) of morphin daily. Early in March he was
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liability to collection of crusts of inspissated mucus around
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panied with cephalalgia, pain in the loins, etc. The thermometer in the
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ed. 1883. — 54. James. Bd. Med. Journal, 1893, vol. xxxix. p. 521. — 55. Joffrov.
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convenient, than that left after the latter, if a leg con-
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and he is to-day in general practice one of the best.
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majority of persons suffering from hypertension, if repeated examina-
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size, and the possibility of exact work when galvanocaustic
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by various observers, showing that the syphilitic virus,
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shame. We lay no special claim to the character of a scholar ;
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— to a fatal termination ; to recovery. In the fatal cases the stupor
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Treatment. Prophylactic treatment is of most importance in
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follow the eyeball when the latter is directed downwards ;
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The knowledge of this insect in Italy, North Africa,
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animal, or chemical irritants. Notable examples of this form
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phase in which 7i is still behind N ; such forms can be
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tals and elsewhere, many children and young persons perished, who, it
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Buchner states (1880; that hay bacillus {Bacillus subtilis) can be
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minute extravasations of blood ; they are small ecchymoses, and are fre-