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Pain. — Observation and study have led us to attach but little sig-

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Prostate Gland Enlarged.) The urine presents a cloudy

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38. Action of Calabar Bean on the Iris. — In our previous number (p. 265),

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trious physician of the sixteenth century, the Spanish

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instant relief from free incision of the gums ; indeed, we could

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ulceration, and in all likelihood the intermediate host is some biting insect

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She never vomited directly after taking food, nor in

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cated, common or traumatic, partial or complete, soft or callous, dilatable or

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had saved several lives by its use, and, as he had recently

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doubtful ; and Hitzig, from an analysis of such cases, concludes that there

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the abscess is so deep seated that it can not be seen or felt,

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the case described by Schmidt, who discovered the condition

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Medical schools and medical teachers ought always to bear in

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altogether difi"erent from the suppuration which was described as constituting

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this would be by the administration of vaccine, but

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MoxRoE, F. L. B., Assistant Surgeon.— Granted leave of

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whole system daily gather strength and firmness, from physical exertion

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About six years ago experiments were made at the Eye

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for disease in the statistics herewith given is 17 per

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complicating diseases, or exhibiting the very advanced

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position only. Many observers only examined the patient