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bacillary disease. He agreed with Dr. Pye-Smith that

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Take, for example, a man whose pulse-rate before exercise is 60 ;

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recklessly in the air, which landed on some bottles and smashed

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agnosis. The work is well illustrated and the publishers have

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fever, pneumonia, meningitis, and so on, are frequently overlooked

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of germinal matter noticed in the specimen under examination

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much longer. Patients may die suddenly from cerebral

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ascites. Dr. Thomas diagnosed uterine fibroid. Dr. Em-

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It has pleased Thee within the past years to give wonderful light

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. Dr. Snow, the delejjatc from Kliode Island, was called upon, and

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the evils which hourly befall those who give a loose rein to the natural man. The

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given, are included the enrollment and attendance of graded schools in

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1. — The alteration of the red cells which Grawitz de-

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the large ganglionic masses at the base of the brain, that

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the wound, which did not, however, involve the deeper

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reform can come that has not for its starting-point definite prin-

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Chir., Leipz , 1884, xi, 1-5. . Oemon.stration eines ge-

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(from two to ten times the diameter of a red corpuscle), twisted in spirals,

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her end. In the second place, the abscess wall, when the

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phores were spread out over the surface of the yolk sac. At the ob-

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to the abdominal wound by knitting needles. In conclusion, the

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size of the head. Little can be expected when the circumference is less

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a little gas and frothy fluid which notwithstanding all the otber appearances

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obtained under the present system. I only throw out these ideas.

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Roy. Soc, Jul in. y 18611-70. Of the two great groups of

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cervix some rugae were usually seen, but only on the anterior lip.

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in°- would immediately convey a portion of it into the stomach. As the facts

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oi formic acid, the result of the metamorphosis of the prussic acid. We