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dency of Dr. Barnes of London. In the other sections the
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My report is simple ; 1 need not delay you by detail-
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Mount Royal and Guilford Avenue. Baltimore, Maryland 21202.
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professional work. IS'ot a few of our higher class colleges are
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ficial layer of the cornea falls or lies over the edges of the ulcer,
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so common to those who have boon tho subjects of intermittent .and tbU
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considerably emaciated ; from these results he concluded that the presence
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Fig 3. (Case 1) Gangrenous intussusceptum — jejunum
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number of the candidates have red hair, and he thinks
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Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia ; Surgeon to the Philadelphia
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FIG. 219. Relaxation of the splenius capitis et colli.
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ta';'" to the sanitary condition of our camps, and evinces the wisdom
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be considered. Whether there should or should not be an}' differences
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names pertaining to the latter part of the eighteenth and
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tion of changing clothes is not allowed until all danger
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infection by towels or clothing, or of vicious practices. It is most common
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Dropsy treated with Elaterium, S/-c., in JMiddlescx Hospital. By Dr.
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■ctu.ral ua^ h-u'thr bnal ,nt,.ti,.n in -emu- tnembratu- ditU-, ■ tmtu
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and the anesthesia used and the technical points to
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eral condition got better, but the yellowness of the skin
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of life, inaugurates the beginnings and the building-up of plants
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perature, or occasionally a slight elevation only, but an enlargement of
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disease proceeds to a fatal termination. Symptoms of
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Postvaccinal gangrene can not be sharply separated from the preceding,
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cially notices diabetes, paralysis (local or genaral), intermit-
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ranges in the United States on June 1, 1900, excluding Alaska and
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lysis, and extract some passages containing views which the
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safe, is not usually necessary, or capable of the striking good efiects
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case ; tliat it must be some terrible disease of the brain;
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find that the three great cavities of the body are ex-
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near the left hip-joint. This, as the temperature had again become high,
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opening of the pericardium. The wound should be kept
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2. Intralaryngeal applications of the faradic or galvanic
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Another case has been described by Oppenheim in which all the
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It is purely a morbid mental state, and treatment to
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one. Perhaps, therefore, it may be regarded as a representative of Eng-