continued and grew worse, and was especially bad at night; it was,
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timie for a period varying from 24 hours to 12 days. In the fatal cases
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curve and the spine (" dull triangle " of Garland) is
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pain in the abdomen and constant vomiting. This lasted ten
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The Seventh Winter Session of this College will commence on the first Monday
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No epithelial regeneration has developed in these tubules. At C is shown the
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of pus, but no fracture could be detected there. After washing the wound with a 2.5 per
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when she should recover. Many readers of this periodical have, no
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when there was a hemorrhage into the ovum itself, producing apo-
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tism — Infantile Myxcedema — Insanity; Consecu-
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Pressure, Amer. Jour. Med. Sci., 1814, Vol. cxlii, p. 614.
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The department provided cleaning service to two newly constructed wings, 8D
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unified the lists. He, further, discovered new drugs ; as, in
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must say that I am like Dr. Cartledge ; I can not understand how the
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scurvy, and over many years he tried through his writing
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Case 12, Section IV.— Dauiel J. Graves, private, Compauy M, Elev-
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persons to come into the house, on any terms, in the capacity
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ini*" experiments, this animal was bled to death on the ir)th day
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plication to a child's throat, the necessary depressing of
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it depends ; such as inflammation, distension, compression, spasm, or
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period, when the old is to be in a large degree abandoned,
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localities which are best adapted to certain classes
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movement of the air. Extremes of heat and cold are much more trying
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Treatment. — In the constitutional treatment of rupia, tonics of various
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knowledge of the progress of fibroids, and skill vvith which
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With regard to auscultation there is more encouragement for
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alteration either in the color or consistency of the brain
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ear, with total third nerve paralysis and slight optic neuritis on