the further use of ether, but it was found that a small amount was
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normal or abnormal irritation was a natural power of the
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middle zone of the stomach, and the size and location of the cancer
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patients in the fever and small-pox hospitals of the Met-
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complete mental soundness. Asked to explain his behavior, he said that he
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clairvoyants, many obscure points in history might be cleared up, and that by
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diseases, where the services of a fully trained nurse
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administration recommended by the Maclean Committee, so as
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avoid having them in a virulent form is to have them in an
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being followed by deposits of pigment under the retina, so that,
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ships. In the same manner, Djebel-Tor, at the northern
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determine the sensibility of patients with urticaria and eczema
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management of Mr. Jennings. The lovers of music were
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evening bath was continued 10 or 12 minutes. The surface
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poisons can be given them with comparative impunity, and why
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flammation; — some parts being gangrenous, especially that portion
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repeated, if necessary, in four hours. The hypochlorite solution de-
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poisons caused by the parasites have given negative results." Thayer" states
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severe pain and extreme disability in the back, which
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and schools, and temples of Religion ! The myriad span the drinking
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period, when the old is to be in a large degree abandoned,
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Bordier, A. : De I'influence de la pression atmosph^rique sur 1 or-
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prompt but transitory, but can be kept up by repeated injections.
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Iodine^ from its known effect upon some chronic glandular engorge-
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every hour to head and face; between the fomentations the parts
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furnished by Sambon and Low, of the London School of Tropical Medi-
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be held at Brooklyn, N. Y., October 22. 1889. Par. 10, S. 0.
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so well developed on the right, but on the left it comes out beautiftilly
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of Osier's cases which was at first not accepted as an authentic
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de la malaria en Italie. Cong, internat. d'hyg. et de d6-
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My patient was taking four powders per day, each con-
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The degree of success which has attended the planning and con-
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surfaces of the trunk, and in a familiar way the author
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several weeks. In no cases did the children show evidences of the
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a day or two later. It is interesting to note that in this
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effectiveness of anti-helmet lobbying groups. Congress in
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