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Yellow Pigmentation of the Viscera. — In addition to the black pig-

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before him and the necessity for prompt action explained ; and

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Dr. M. Allen Starr, and think that the tests show that she has,

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lost, until he was nearly two years old. About this time he com-

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cystitis, (as the death certificate read) after merely

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If there are any ragged pieces of tissue within the wound, cut

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greater than it is in adults ; and in strumous children the

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from just above the muco-cutaneous border of the anus.

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Patent medicines like advertising doctors should be avoided. If

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Wokingham; John George Randall, St. Maivlebone Innrmarv • \rtkur

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engaged in combats, carries large and massive horns ; these are

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dissolved blood-cells and in its serum ; (3) by possibly, in certain

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may be widespread. The hands may be affected alone, or the hands and

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After this interference the temperature fell and remained normal,

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The fatty particles in the " B.I.P " get between the edges of the wound and

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the periphery. Of the two conditions the former is more common, and is

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the third day coincidenth' with the appearance of the local eruption, and.

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mose.* The experiments of Dutrochet have been repeated and ex-

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The growth of the pouch being forward, there was no

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and distinct from one another. In the lateral regions of the neck they form

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substance. Rheumatic lameness, and cramps and spasm

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comes from the scare or the shortness of the crop this

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Medical Journal for Oct. ii, 1902 entitled : ''What Russia

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the President's cases no swelling or abscess arose in the

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.th did not occur until the fifth day. The late Dr. Ogilvy, of Coventry,

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land Park, KS. Contact: David S. Baldwin, M.P.A., Uni-

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the vesicular respiration having then disappeared, or

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The inflammation of the epiglottis we considered to have been

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necrosis. Labhardt also thinks that the slower and more cau-

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salutary character. This is, however, all secondary in

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(at least for a time) a commensurate progress. But the more

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the presence of decided depression wise. Under careful