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Buchner states (1880; that hay bacillus {Bacillus subtilis) can be

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suitable for biting. It lives on dead organic matter, and moults

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careful to avoid getting the feet wet and from breathing through the

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enemata, will answer best if anodynes have to be repeated often.

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that continued mild treatment will maintain it at this level, so

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The Influence of Incandescent Light Energy in Rheu-

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This faculty of the mind is the inner chamber where no one

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perfectly harmless, yet its administration is not entirely

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their remedies in a convenient and quickly-acting form.

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thirteenth day from that on which the contagion entered the patient's body,

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source of an infectious diseuse, or trace its origin, we

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Health Department from buying infected houses. " And,

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or replace with bran mashes. Flaxseed and other laxative food.

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from just above the muco-cutaneous border of the anus.

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1,200, 000, liOi to 1,30 ',000,000 inhabitants, there must be about

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which is especially marked in the tract of ner\'es. Tenderness along tto

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vestigation could not include the anatomy, and especially the

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!-pine and meninges, affecting the nerve-roots or centers.

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sent day, of practical experience, could entertain a doubt, namely,

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" In the first place, this disinfection procedure involves the

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Schoolhill. It became too small for modern use, and looked in its

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months the patient entirely recovered the use of his

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vertebra?, still comparatively free from osseous adhesions, could be forced into