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during the passage of the faeces over the ulcerated surface.
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and usually quite easy. Other joints become affected, or the heart
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Hughes, R. Z. Pitts, J. M,ar8hall, A. E. Hansom, W. Makin, C. E. Whiting-
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The obscure character of the case, and the serious nature of the only op-
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year of the Melbourne University has been a scientific year,
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Second Prize — "The Relation of Defective Mental and Nervous State to
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that we believe we shall find the reason for our failure in the
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pus ; there were no spermatozoa present, but I was able
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21, 1868. — Newman (J. S. ) Fumigator. No. 556936;
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in the accomplishment of the purpose. It is not neces-
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plishment will not be attained unless we go into explicit
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one or two points of pressure alone sufficed to secure a bloodless
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and training. Housing available on grounds. Contact
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ANATOMICAL CHARACTERS. There are no distinctive morbid appear-
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