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Dr. E. L. Trudeau, Saranac Lake, N. Y., presented this

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thetics. Dr. Burras applied chloroform locally, but not by inhalation.

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quality of being easily reducible into small pieces.

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to yield pleasure, comfort, or exaltation ; they bring only misery and

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liability to erysipelas where there is any irritation of the skin.

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ptosis. These passing troubles are subject to recurrences. The late ocular

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should be taken out and cleaned every one or two days, as the mucous

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nagel, at a recent meeting of the Royal and Imperial

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Rach and Reuss. Urobilin in Measles, Zeit. f. Kinderheilkunde, 1912, ii, 460.

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which passes out of the body in the urine. Chemical examination of the

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One Hundred Premature Parturitions Artificially Induced. By Dr.

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symptoms reserved as peculiar to the malignant form. When the case is to

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memoir of Slater, says, ** The dwellings though not large, contain general-

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deposits on their return. The patient was neurasthenic. Proc-