enterotomy. If, however, the child be over five years of
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membrane surrounding the glottis were somewhat swollen, but not unusually red.
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ously. With three exceptions they were of long standing, and though
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It would seem as if there were some deeper defect in
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Pasteur proved to be excited by a bacillus identical with the
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was obliged to place an ordinary tourniquet upon the thigh,
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straight down the back of the shoulder to the angle of the scapula,
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2nd ed. 1893. — 3. von Nussbaum, J. 1ST. Einfache und erfolgreiche Behandlung des
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ipecacuanha, and opium, was also unsuccessful. '* But if, " says
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His deflection was due to violence (a fall of ten feet) thi'ee
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To make color standards of these solutions it is necessary only to measure
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called into play, can no longer excite pain or reflex action,
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trunk would be still two inches distant. The likelihood of an
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where, between the fourth and fifth ribs, the apex-beat was perceptible. The heart and
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bacteria into the uterine cavity. — American Journal of Obstetrics.
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Curious Lunacy Legislation. — The Rhode Island Leg-
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are rare. They are attended with formication and tingling of the limb,
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digestion. From these fluctuations, it is impossible to estimate correctly the quantity
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tained a history of diabetes in 35 out of 201 private cases, but in only
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any clear indication of syphilitic infection. Wassermann re-
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much louder noises produce no awakening. Where this is not
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■yVhen admitted the tongue was very coated, the hands--
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other connected with a tube through which the contents of the cylinder
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As a nerve stimulant aud restorative in wasting and debilitating diseases, as a constructive agent in
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through, but in spite of that enlargement there is apt
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its appearance in the wedge-shaped mass of loose connective tissue
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poeumaorrhagia the patient either rapidly bleeds to death or else su£fo-
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given at one time and the equally perilous and far more insidious over-
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pay, and that no others would be treated. There was the same
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similar break on the left side with, in addition, a
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cases this was made before the delivery of either foetus. In nine cases