theatres, and the out-patient and dispensary department, would be arranged in
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be a differentiation of sex in the crescent bodies and their homologues
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forty-tive degrees with tlie pelvis. The abdomen was
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X-Ray and being made so as to apply them The precursory symptoms of the diseases
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about an hour. In order to insure the reapplication of the
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How long did the deceased survive after receiving the fracture.' inis is
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anesthetics, are taught to recognize and treat complications, observe the re-
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ing stopped for a short time, the face became pale, and the patient lay
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as a definite pathological event, which is often associated with neurasthenic
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mum sufficient to keep the body in nitrogen equilibrium always stands
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to her head. Injections of oil of turpentine and tincture of asafcetida
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ties for treating typhoid fever may take up the suggestion
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after which I introduced the intra-uterine glass stem, and
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of a special group of diseases, such as the Wisconsin
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reefs and rocks, whether they arc down on the chart or
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fatal result. At Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital they give it with
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That man's evidence on this subject is most to be valued, who has the
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the treatment can be carried out with complete success only in a
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him without acknowledgment. The one exception is the
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An ejigible country situation for a medical practitioner, in one of the eastern counties of Mascactan-
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identical with that of septicemia. For the sweating the best agents are aro-
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necessary powers, we venture to predicate for the inhabitants
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the urine. Lapses from sobriety are looked upon as only
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they were most carefully and accurately kept, so that
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and what is more needed than anything else is its educa-
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struction. The patient recovered after three weeks. The
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liquid state, are rationally indicated. Alkaline remedies and ammonia,
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defects in our stoves and grates, but no encouragement has
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'an old shifty spread it out upon the top of the dirty clothes in the
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which followed, but still an occasion on which a con-
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