The complications to be dreaded are pyaemia and pneumonia. Sato,

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understood, — the more thoroughly, the better for us, we are quite

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brain— that dose associated with a 5% or less complication

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polymorphonuclear increase may hide the true eosinophilia. The

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Vegetivorous animals, such as rabbits, which, from the nature of their

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tention to the fact that we are seeing many cases that could be

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Large mononuclears and transitionals 18.4 per cent.

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lessness so persistent, that my proposal to empty the uterus is resolved

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which the absolute necessity of acting directly on the larynx may

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M. Ireland, Dubl., 1897, xv, 43-53. — C'ou Ion (G.) Vari-

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most cases. In general, it is recommended equally with iodoform,

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simple enough ; but the care thus taken by the obstetrician

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cavity there was no hypersemia, the lungs were normal, the heart

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whole sections of the gut may in consequence become gan-

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present respectability it now holds." The letter to Sir James was

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matory change. The periosteum was, in the portion divided,

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whether the first combination to be cast will be a pair of the one color or

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creased to such an extent that he became nearly incapacitated for any

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"The glands first affected are usually those situated

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These consist of strings of beads, or of threads showing septations,

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very little decrease in muscular power. So that great

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Anthouisz, Peter Daniel, M.D., St. Andrew's, Ceylon

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the orifice closed with liquid gelatine. They are usually of an

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15. Abolition of Venereal Diseases — Dr. George Walker, Baltimore.

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.. f ii • 1 ,1 .1 1 tlie skiill. — Robert Hutchinson.

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of his own death, and say what another shall do to and for him, or

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Cyst of the Tonsil. I'.y T. 15. Layton, M.S. ... ... ... ... llH

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will apply to all cases. In our prescriptions we should be guided by the

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to detail where necessary and yet never redundant, leaves little to

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or cancer of the stomach, instead of drugs which often kill,

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to make up for the deficiency in these substances, egg albumen, heated

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vision and field of illnniiiiation. ] Pani. Towai'z. Lek.

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I N the United States, the aspiration of lesions in deep

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Member of the Society of Vaccination, and Director of the Animal