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lung. It is necessary to look for this sign because it devel-

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belief that it would soften and dissolve in such a manner as

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vii, 305. — Venneman (E.) Ptosis acquLs chez un enfant

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the point of the vpeapon; this being done, it must necessarily give way, and be

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approach of manhood, and at the age of about forty-five years. It is

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ceptible animals are man, the apes, mice, and rats.

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worth and Hardwicke Hospitals, 20 Lower Fitzwilliam-street.

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addition : — In lead neuritis potassium iodide is usually given, as it is supposed

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the heart. The cause which was assigned by the patient

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purely larch turpentine. They may, as alleged, have been gathered in Cyprus.

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of eight members, but I do not believe that the State Board of Health

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by the nutritive principles in the act of becoming organized.

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case of true angina in an elderly patient with commencing atheroma of

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The Editor has enlisted, as co-workers, many of the specialists in these two

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nates the soil is said to be light; if the clay predominates, heavy. A

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color to such a diagnosis. Typhoid should have had the ordinary

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tomy is to be complete, of course the question arises as to

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fibres being induced by a morbid excitation through the nervous system.

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make contact with the proper area on the back of the

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exist only in very small numbers, and probably not in at all

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to disburden herself of the load thus cast upon her, through the medium

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severe pain and extreme disability in the back, which

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plained by supposing the existence of a lesion in such a separate centre

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-of charity, and I suppose by way of enco\iragement, as the

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on your horses, your eye well forward. Gel out of the way

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