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instance, cannot be carried out except on a dry preparation.
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Caseous material covers the endometrium, and gradually fills the
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fever zone they have lived previously. Long residence in the infected
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rectum of the unprotesting corpse were tightly plugged
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1 Siiuirc ; Epidemiol. S )c. of I.oudon. Lauci t, January 8. 1887, !> 73.
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TJjsnvBBsrrs: of Dublin. — At the summer commence-
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cities afford some natural protection against rapid spread of the disease.
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ciated at various times with Drs. C. E. Gates, S. V.
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of the affected region as to make it undetectable on examination.
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lead us to expect ; whereas from the anatomical arrangement of the
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ligature made me still longer delay, until when carbolic in-
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greater part of the people are well fed, better fed than in any other
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mentally, mischievous, intemperate, and lascivious. This may be true of
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little we have is likely to vanish. A drowning man will
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health that the time allotted for man to live during the time of Solo-
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tion of importance from various stand-points — popular,
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it is the vascular and neurogliar tissues or the mem-
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more than my faltering tongue can tell your kind words of welcome
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also required of the workmen that they change their clothes and bathe
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might be able to select such as are really useful, and thus
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wound, though the temperature had not gone very high, being about
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of the tulie and ultimately destro^• ir, if ov(-i']ieatinii- i^ not checked bv
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commonly with defervescence and convalescence. The pain is often
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tion, and mostly from neglect. This is most erroneous.
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muscle alone are not there, but the brains of the profession and the
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solutely normal ; at the internal ring there was merely a stellate
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In an address on surgery, delivered before the British
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stone 4- i^at^&'wv child.] A foetus converted into a
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1895, X, 351; 388; 497.— Heubncr (l>.) ITeber dm (ienius
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was directed to it or not. On February 20 the child was put under the
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so well described by Dr. CuUen, that I shall merely
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Progressive Medicine : A Quarterly Digest of Advances, Discov-