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quent repetition of them, will lead to changes in the parenchyma ;
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tion in the joint. You thus quiet the muscles, prevent ex-
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fective in construction and appointment, and there-
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and for which he is not in any way responsible. If he
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P. Davis, Ph.B., M.D. Second edition. Pp. 163. St. Louis:
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(M CO CO CO (M '^ (M tH CO 1-H OO IC (M t^ iH ITS rH
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and pulmonary embolism. Proc. Staff Meet., Mayo Clin.,
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manner that the patient is able to take abundance of nour-
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Overton, of Suffolk County, on the subject of The physi-
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of tissue we have to divide; the large uterine vessels, if divided, can easily
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• T related also, as above, the deplorable case of a game
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trial court refused to grant permission for the declaration
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after the last sheets are received from Eiigland. Mr. Samuel Colman,
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granulosa of the follicles. He suggests that what other writers have
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of uric acid is □ >1 detracted Erom by the results of more recent
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ient stage. (4) The confirmed drunkard, the chronic alcoholic
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on account of adenoids, which interfere with nasal drainage, and con-
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(H. ) Contribution a I'etude des suppurations de I'ceil et de
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The most noteworthy advance in developing practical anes-
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was not considered necessary to send for the physician on duty,
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of the anterior vena cava. Haycock (Veterinarian, 1850), records
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Carrigan, of Arkansas, were referred to a committee
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eral benefactor of the public institutions connected with
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chronic infectious maladies, such as tuberculosis. 3.
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There can be no two opinions as to the site : it is beautifully
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Incision was made beneath the inner two-thirds of Poupart^s
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immediate, and there were no gross lesions except an almost complete intra-
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prolonged exposure in severe weather, in low states of the system.
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