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pital artery had been cut off close to the external carotid.

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culous meningitis of the convexity, in which case there is not usually any

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thus obtains a guide as to the effectiveness of one's methods,

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the abdomen, where it can be done without infecting or wetting the wound. Be

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In support of this view he reports the following case :

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resembling those of various endocrine dysfunctions . 4 Since the pitui-

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force, which may be called a stimulus. The amount of po-

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with which to build the sewers and to build any water supply

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other evidences of failing heart, a smooth liver, the absence of dilated

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tissue, the decomposing fluids and gas work their way

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nearly 1000, and the expenditure increased by £3400, in one

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from Mr. Prosser of Brorasgrove, at the beginning and

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very able article, iu which he urged, and gave his own

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fever, micrococcus of ftingi-poisoning, chicken cholera) ; in swine plagne

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stages. It is not sufficient to distinguish cerebro-spinal meningitis from

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deck caught fire. The ship was then abandoned, and its total destruction

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ever, narrow as it was, was studded at nearly regular intervals with

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The roentgen ray is at times of value in determining the extent of the

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lishers, no^ the subscribers, must be considered first. Medi-

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from her own house to be under her mother's personal care.

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for both body and mind are necessary, and treatment is useless without it.

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tions the lymphatics are commonly filled with pus ;

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nucleus, optic thalamus, and caudate nucleus. The hemi-

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under the guise of adding to the supply of city water through

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Etiology. Pulmonary gangrene is not a disease of frequent occur-

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an outline of the epidemic and the efforts of the Board of