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2. Intermittent fever is pyrexia, in which the fall of tempera-

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ened end the cotton is applied by a twirling motion of

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importance. Perhaps nothing that it has demonstrated

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fever — if not, indeed, all — are the effect of a poison, and

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Infants Sujfering from Acidosis. — The results from cases of aci-

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may require to be removed from the substance or even the cavity

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ure and a grain of Pulverized Capsicum. Elaterium must be used with

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cance as prognostics. The consideration of these is appropriate in treat-

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Predleli pirimieneniya nepodvizbnoati i polza dvizbeniy

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* Read at the June meeting of the Kentucky State Medical Society, i v gs.

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contact with them." The experience of the physicians of New York,

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is very seldom a primary disorder ; a mucous membrane

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the early years of life and usually commences with a

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Medicine ; Ophthalmologist to the Philadelphia Orphanage.

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much as a chronic submerged erysipelas, according to

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Surgeon R, D. Murray, granted leave of absence for fourteen

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oculare Erkrankungen im Gefolge von Nasenkrankheiteu.

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represent the present state of pathological knowledge of idiopathic

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vaso-motor and pneumogastric systems which might pro-

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both Houses of Parliament, by Command of Her Majesty.

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pure and sweet. Carefully watching the stools, sleep and

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liable to cause a relapse. On the whole, it is better to be free from any

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raphy may be treated with an angioplasty or coronary artery

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this view will be shared by none of Dr. Wilks's readers.

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meat be long ago digested. Even bread is less digestible than meat,

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cough 94, measles 93, diphtheria liii, diarrlicea r)0, scarlet fever

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touch. The mucous membrane of the right cheek was thrown into folds in