was performed, and the woman has gained forty-five pounds.
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butter and 2 ounces (60.0) of milk; for dinner, 2 or 3 ounces (60.O-90.0) of
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Soc. de cbir. de Par., 1899, n. s., xxv, 949 - 954.— Turner
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For the purpose therefore of affording a reasonable explication of the
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amination of newly formed pseudo-membranes, that no
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also by several strong muscles. This is the seat of what is called
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Applications may be made to either of the subscribers. M. 8. PERRY, M.D.
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Symptoms. — The symptoms are those of leukemia, the enlargement
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tablet form are apt to deteriorate with age, and so far as effects are
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officers to attend because preliminary planning for similar organizations
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tory, digestive, or urinary tracts and discharge of daughter cysts and hydatid
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are distributed to the capsule of the liver. The stimulus is transmitted
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diseases, you will not have to treat them. The main trouble is that we
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The cases observed in the wards of the hospital presented
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sible infecting of some of the men who were not im-
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juices of the stomach of the ox producing the gastric juice
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the present day — Speke and Grant — to discover the most
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ones, and that inclination to pollutions, as one symptom of erethism, is
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stress on swimming as a necessary accompaniment to mental culture, as some
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V. f. Dyer, of Boston, in Jour. Med. and Science, states that
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immediately relapsed when left to itself. There was
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may be fairly held to equal the amount in the water as used at
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after a blow, or some other violence, affecting the region of the liver,
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persons who have chronic debilitating illnesses such as
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