strangulated. In other cases adhesions between the diverti-
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bruises, depressed fractures, and wounds caused by sabres or by firearms.
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gical Jovraal from tli >U*<liKim.schc Zeicuug, Nos. 38-39, 1862,
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the goitre, as rarely over five to ten milliamperes were used. I am aware
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of medical, surgical, and nursing skill, and was on the best
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ance. The limb assumes a semiflexed position, which is not only
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hand. With the burning of this cup and its contents the danger
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the level of the umbilicus, and to the left an inch be-
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case of a lad, eighteen years old, who presented a sar-
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aged war has been sudden and unexpected, mos. The author had 2 fatalities, both in
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Cleveland Medical Society could suggest the cheapest and
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fear of personal violence at the hands of his jealous rivals
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mucous menihranes, the connective tissue, the parench^ina of the various
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pneumonia is on the whole not so hopeful as that of influenza.
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only cause general disease, but frequently determine specificity in
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at the seat of the operation. J. B., aged 15, a young
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without at all tearing down the sides of the envelop-
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during sleep may become mixed with the sputum in the pharynx as the blood is
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or for that matter a localized empyema. I did not determine
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1993. Reprint requests to: Dr Schiedermayer, Division of
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to 2 per cent. With 8 oz. of such top milk, 11 oz. of water, 1 oz. of
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number of observations the more closely does the average ap-
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to result in thirty-six or forty-eight hours. In most cases I give
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hemiplegia, uncomplicated with any affection of cranial nerves or nuclei.
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la convergence chez les adolescents. Bull, et m^m. Soc.
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season-ticket holders, would indicate how this evil arises. We believe it would
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Csapski : Theorie der optischen Instruments nach Abbe, Breslau,
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The phenomena of hyperemia are : the over filling of the larger ca-
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cavity, which was not chylous but clear — this change might
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1912, the work of the old Hongkong Medical School, which had been
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nitis certainly belong among the curiosities of medical experience. In
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bladder in as dilute a condition as possible ; but, if we strictly forbid
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and that since that time he had suffered more or less
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Sth, Disorders of parts ivJiich have a contmiiky of surface nvith tJiS
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the fascination of the colloquial style in which it is written, and the
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a morbid craving for particular substances. The terms are commonly used
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24. The prostate is usually natural. The same remark applies to the