they seem dead, and if we permit the merest remains of their
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" One final effort was now made to obtain an exchange.
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besieging Mequinez, entered that city on the 14th of
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whether phosphoric acid acts either as a tonic or reconsti-
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good. The constitutional treatment must depend upon the
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practitioner’s schedule. Three traditions which became
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great part even after extensive central lesions. Abolition of sensibility
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commit certain mistakes in treating himself. He may think
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in adults than in children, in whom it may necessitate tracheotomy.
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disease, there are yet many variable conditions and circumstances under
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cal Association as follows: By the Douglas County (Wis.)
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malarial seasons, following our first published work on the subject,
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little without crutches, she is now unable to do so. With the aid
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s])ecial suscej)tibility of the vasomotor nervous system. This neu-
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result which, if true, must give its use many advantages over
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been injected, diphtheria bacilh are found at the site of inoculation,
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Anker {Berliner klin. Wochenschrift, 1894, No. 2.5, p. 577) has reported the
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or quina, or mercury, or opium, or some other remedy in which he
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the father alone, in another room ; and to give my patient some
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At this time a few drops of blood were kindly examined
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ted ('with one or two exceptions, which arc noted) into the
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vegetative existence. If specimens are taken from infants or young chil-
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The scanty thick mucous stool — almost a jelly — has generally a
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great, stimulants may be added. The pain should be allayed by
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&c., may have some influence on the science or art of medicine; and
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would state that at its last annual meeting held at
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symptomes, etiologie et traitement. Semaine m6d.. Par.,
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odour ; sinks. — 6th and Sth. Slightly faint odour. —
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of diseases in the spinal cord, as founded upon normal anatomy,
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solvent powers, called gastric jiuid. This fluid, though destitute of any
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Here then was not only a fracture but a dislocation also of