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esthetized by ether and placed in the lithotomy position, with flexed and abducted femora,
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For full details of his case, I must refer to my essay,
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of the intestine has a great inclination to spread in the transverse di-
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interests of the whole professii in I ssays, reports of cases, and correspondence upon subjects of pro-
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measuring abotit 5i inches from the extremity of the spine.
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created between themselves, and the profes- wish for anything further they did not ex-
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with the truth, that suppuration is a great \ the most distressing features in these cases,
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Society will accept responsibility for statements made or opinions expressed
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Symptoms. — High and irregular fever, rigors, sweats, and
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Neuritis. — The peripheral nerves are seldom affected, and sensory
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Have we not reason to rejoice in the labors of Hahnemann,
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salt, ^ teaspoon of soda dissolved in a tablespoon of hot
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liner divisions of the pulmonary artery, causing lobular juieumonia, ending in
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12, at Saco, Me., was born at Topsham, Me., in 1826.
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it pressed through tlie opening, from the tissues surrounding,
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Treatment. — All causes of disturbance of the cardiac action, as
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hours, giving the tertian estivoautumnal fever. We have stated as
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Lwzdorvcif (A u affect mul uvaLu <Sy7nrrULlsrveae 4 c,u , c~/ia/ c4 C<rrrcS~
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sion, after a long ride. I had, however, been always in the habit of
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acteristics. There is infrequent major vessel involve-
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affection of the posterior laryngeal wall, another of the
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was the subject chosen by Dr. Franklin Parsons, the president
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thediagnosis of divergent enteric fever. Am. J. M. Sc.,
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pigs are soon able to fight their battles with the cold unaided by any
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of larger uterine fibroids by abdominal section, whether intra-uterine, inter-
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in this pathogeny, there are two factors : the epileptic
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which gradually extended to the whole hamlet. Scattered over
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also, received, from the publishers. The Transactions of the
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in water, but readily dissolves in the presence of acids. Its physio-
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men, however wise and experienced, whose portfolios are
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plained merely of stitfness of the finjfers, which were somewhat
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used to formulate WVSMA policy as the debate over health
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the pathologist. When the disease is protracted, this organ wastes like
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arthritis, which sometimes ends in suppuration and ankylosis.
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intelligent prescription. Hahnemann was not a pathologist,
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