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develop under osteopathic treatment. Keep patient in bed until
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Cong. d. Ass. ol'tal. ital. Kendic., Pavia, 1898, xv. 75-78.—
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hard. The urine was scanty, veiy high coloured, depositing copious
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tussis by pulling the lower jaw downward and forward in 96 cases. He
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stripes ; nor are the colors limited to red and white. The
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casting off of the slough, and raised the wound to its proper healthy
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cy, January 10, 1760, by Dr. Bagard, first physician to
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a century has thus gone by since the foundation of this college. If
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acid (for preparation, see p. 453) to an alkaline solution the moment free acid is
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past ; the body is weary with the labors of the day and the
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When the finite form of zoo is used in the Odyssey to mean "live in
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and alcohol, ten per cent., which gave him uniformly good
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not correct to say that " hemiantesthesia, arising from encephalic le-
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can tell accurately the condition of the turbinated
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course, objective, and will be found to be the most reliable of those Iqf
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and for these, he proposes a very significant designation — Acrita
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and the case was regarded as one of ptomain poisoning,
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seek to establish, and which we doubt not the medical press
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known, would subject himself to the scorn and disapprobation of
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fullness, and jaundice is usually present. On the seventh day, or
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lowing morning. Before the operation he was examined
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XUZ'r^U td C Zl "he whole .eight of the cross-exam,
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In the case of persons weighing under 150 lbs., it would be
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equally the volume of the heart, but acts chiefly on the
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be small, or it may be from 1 to 2 or 3 pints (05-1.5 liters), or even more. In
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Soc. 1878, vol. xix. p. 264. — 4. Hutchinson, Jonathan. Lancet, 1876, i. p. 630.
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treatment is terminated. .\s to complications attending
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3. That in beginning cases of hypertrophic otitis media a
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of tuberculosis should be thoroughly aroused. With this in our minds,
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le massage force. Cong, francj. de chir. Proe. -verb, [etc.]