favoring the formation of divers autotoxins inseparable from that con-
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in the way of treatment is to sustain the patient's strength with quinine,
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at least for a while, and ascertain, if possi- improve_her gen^eral health.
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the slow and imperfect circulation in the diseased lung.
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occur, accompanied by a sense of praecordial oppression and distress.
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in nearly all cases of vital exhaustion from excessive
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(iolliner gives an account of the excellent results obtained
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disease in this case, because the patient is | lowing January; throu&liout she had been
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ence, been more clearly recognised and differentiated, and are
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forms the formula is usually intended to be applied to the
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issues, and before we can discuss this matter reasonably we must
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brought about by a slight laryngitis and anxiety concerning
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referred to] underestimates the number of its victims.
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harm. Have it examined by a vet., and if it has the
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Dr. Norbert P. Blochowiak opened offices for the prac-
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adhesive inflammation necessary for the healing of the wound. In
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cutting through the indurated substance on the left side, it felt like soft becs'-wax
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The affection may occur in many generations, and in many members of
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much diminished in size and partly hypertrophied, the transverse striation
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Smith, Charles F., contract surgeon, is relieved from duty at Foi
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lar or paralytic or senile insanity, to which I would add cases
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hand, the meat is to be regarded as fit for human food when the
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practice as regards venesection, was to be found in a
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J. Atkinson, Arthur R. Colwell, James L. Williams, Paul S. Rhoads, Robert
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sensible, answers questions rationally.; no noises m his head
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absolute standstill. The knee-jerks are present so long as the quadriceps
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to air, and in the dark — no spores formed, and the bacilli
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in which immunity was supposed to have been produced, he
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the same time, to equalize the circulation. The ear
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