It is not necessary, in this section, to discuss the pathology of aphasia
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transformed into ciliated embryos, which, when set free, swim
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some, as I have said before, they become nearly intolerable. I
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present time quartan fever does not arise autochthonously.
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with warm water; a plug of cotton wool, soaked in a linament of equal
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tion is made of lacerations of the neck of the wond) in the
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NNilliam MnrHh..!!. son . Earl of Pcmbroko (ob. 1219).
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cases of cardiac dilatation, without stenosis of the mitral
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Gall and'Spurzheim affirmed their existence. Their opinion was
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our Medical brethren in the military service may always earn
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of the two sides) is seen in the case of the muscles of the eyeballs, of the
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^806. Dr Buclian's Observatious cji Sea Bathing. 4&3
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published by Messrs. Forster, Groom & Co., 115 Charing
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resist all treatment ; and even when a cure seems to be effected it is very
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the various operations which have of recent years been
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affection of the left lung, but he could not say what the nature of it was.
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admitted in July or August will be found with periodic
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cuspidor one must necessarily become tuberculous. The secre-
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measure dependent upon the age of the subject. The younger
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called bone aneurysm, and reports a case. The patient had suf-