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make fair terms in the onset, and not trust to the proverbial
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the median line in the pre vesical space. The mucous
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Treatment of Alopecia Areata in Children. — (By Dr. Feulard.)
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21. Obstetrical Responsibility During Gestation. . .W. F. McCabe, Beloit
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wound is dirty it is cleaned out with boric acid solution or bichloride
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tween occupation and diabetes, or between occupation
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subjected ; but it must be borne in mind that the questions asked
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violence on the genitals or other parts of the person in one or
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to the gastritis yielded to the remedies administered for that disease.
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But it is now well agreed that in the full-grown animal
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to visit Mrs. M., who had engaged my services to attend her in confinement,
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the fact that the motor impulse is a comparatively simple
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great-grandfather, and that he commenced his professional work precisely a
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happened to be a tolerably plentiful admixture of sand or grit
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There are two distinct structures entering into the formation
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is then ascertained by a simple calculation (see above).
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113-124, — Stewart (A, P.) Some considerations on the
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lot of little children to care for, and so she cannot stay
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cumstances to use certain other classes of foods as substitutes or, prefer-
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is rescued from noxious influences, and placed in a condition fevcnUe
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is a soap of soda and taurocholic acid, glycocholic acid
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Appetite excellent. Strength improving. Ordered an enema to be given
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the best results. The dose should be steadily increiised,
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ther particulars may be known by applying to Mr Nicholson, at the
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Palermo, 1894-5, ii, 316-323.— I-uryc (S.I.) Sliichal ognes-
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to other branches, the advances which the past decade has
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fact that medical treatment is rarely indicated and more
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stomach, the treatment should be commenced by giving
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times a day, followed by gradual increases to 1 tablet 3 times a day. Reported
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members, whether re-elected or not, will carry with them the
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* This occurred in the case of a man named Stewart, who was
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infected later, and when they do, the disease proceeds more
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with everything. Everything could be the Kennedy-Cor-
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hysteria with some other disease of the nervous system is a matter of
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certain improvements in treatment — specially in after-treatment —
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