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State Medical Sortety, held at Cheyenne. Wyo., Oct. 9 and 10. IflOO.
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pertussis. 16 This can be disproved, however, by looking at
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Although Mr. Ludlow hesitates actually to identify the disease he
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Marcet's Clinical Notes on Diseases of the Larynx, investigated and
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parts of both organs. One can, therefore, adopt Dorothy
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sometimes adhesions are found, although they do not give rise to
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minute, was small and weak. On examination the chest exhibited
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agglutinated erythrocytes, etc. Experimentally they may be induced
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A young patient with Chediak Higashi Syndrome developed Staphylococcal
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abscess, and of tumour, has been considered {vide p. 639).
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ascertain the rate at which air will pass by means of a litre
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late ; disinfect premises. Milk, eggs, beef tea, with ale
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the fully developed major attack ai)peared with the
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XXIX. — Gases of profuse Ramaturia in connection with
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topical stimulant — the strength of the solution being in in-
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drowsiness has disappeared. For the last few days has been taking 3j of the potass,
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Geneva, made a medical pilgrimage to Edinburgh in order to
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manifestly degraded the medical character of the United States, that the
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•• we may hope, for both sexes, that identical will give place to appropriate
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atropine had been given by mouth once a day for eight
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to preserve the honor of the medical profession, and to keep
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especially in connection with the supposition entertained by himself and
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medicine. It cannot but lower the standard of professional attainments.
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carelessness the little one's stomach and bowels are disordered.
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son's report are particularly valuable ; but we cannot find room for ex-
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However beneficial antise{)tics have proven in savisg
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haemorrhage, which was controlled by a free application of the actual
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was apparently yearly, for in the " .Statesman " is the re-