gives a very curious case, in which a juggler, leaning backwards, and try-

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to the air. Chronic bronchial catarrhs, which have arisen under the in-

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mysticism which seems inherent in all ignorant and imper-

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appeared to occur inde|)endently — occurring when the

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the slightest particle of food in their manger, a small quantity

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ness over the solidified lung, without air being present in the

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versely, it occasionally happens that affections of the cerebral arteries may run

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nose and mouth, there are extensive scars. The tip of

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iwn practice I order the entire surface sponged every two or

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On the Treatment of Blisters.— Arthur H. Ward advo-

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gradations, he retained. In time he died, and dead exhibited a small

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security furnished by the units which the aid station

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s6borrh6ique des paupiferes et de son traitement. J. d.

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Hamilton — Principles and Practice of Surgery. 323

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In this case, (738), the patient had, eight months before his death, suffered with a suddea

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contains from 1 to 3 per cent, of albumin; its cellular content consists of

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femoral artery was tied at the apex of Scarpa's tri-

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Lawrence, George H, 1086 Rue La Ville, St. Louis, MO

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membranes? Do the pelvic — and now you're running 30

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verified. Now in cases of considerable aortic insufficiency, the left ventricle

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hour or two and the child resumes its slumber. The attack may be

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abdominal distension. A patient with profuse and frequent

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bers that day ! Since then he has kept a diary, as he was

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There was marked narrowing at the upward bend, but nothing

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ology of peritonitis due to various anatomical lesions. In perforative

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301. — Jacquet (L.) Des 6ryth6mes polymorphes. Gaz.

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Dr. F. W. Samuel : I have operated on e^ht or nine of these

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day, improvement having continued since last record.

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24</i. Patient improving; partaking of mutton chops and potatoes;

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yet in place. Only a more extended experience can decide.

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will, when operated upon in time, permit a radical extirpation of all the

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" Varieties. — 1. Simple ; 2. Croupous ; 3. Ulcerative ; 4. Malignant