and induration of the mesenteric glands, are frequent, antecedent, occa-

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fever, in 1891 the death toll from this preventable disease was 997 and

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tissue destroyed in active or passive waste, or by disease or injury.

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Induces us to pubUsh the following judgment of Lord Chief-

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great pressure a ferment capable of transforming sugar into alcohol

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fluid, and numerous large suull'-colored spots. Micro-

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drowsy. 5^. Bell. 3X, hourly. At 5.30 p. m. had a convul-

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bring to bear upon all measures adopted for the purpose

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panied by an intense, transient, febrile paroxysm. A month

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say that it is void by reason of a fraudulent fraud.

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difficult if the disease has progre&sed to its paroxysmal stage. The most

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In uterine cancer, therefore, the prognosis is neces-

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of life are unfavourable, according to Dr. Grieve's experience,

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'^tSrSkl^w""''",''^" l^r""- *rKC.S., L.D.S.-Assistant-Sunreon to

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Ramon y Cajal, of Schafer, and others in our own day, coupled with the

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or pons will be associated with signs in proportion to the degree of its

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aie anxious to negotiate for an immediate succession. Average

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transfer from the pit to the cart is from thirty to forty-five minutes for

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weighed in importance the local symptoms. One case.

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ceptor-complement complex [)resent in normal serum, as evidenced

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with a liberal use of food and alcohol ; and the mortality was 41

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is branching. The head of the root is a tuber from which

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the leucocytes. In a few rapidly fatal cases in which me-

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belief that it would soften and dissolve in such a manner as

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regards as the infective agent of distemper. These micro-organisms

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often die early of paralysis of the heart and oedema of the lungs. In

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ments were considered crucial in the decision of this

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membrane of the entire dorsum had a whitish, sodden appearance,

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of medical, surgical, and nursing skill, and was on the best

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tions during these days of the climax of the fever did not once equal one

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rounding valley and are 1650 ft. above the sea. This entire coast belt as far back