risk factors were more important than others. Some would

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not know when it began. They become a little j^aler, and fatigue

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gives the limb its proper length, except in very few cases, as

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At this time the patieat was recommeDded to the Presbyterian Hospital for

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moved a large fatty tumour, requiring an incision of

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equilibrium of the organism, and provocative of waste.

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HTPERPHOSPHINE " •*>»*•* '- '*-— *»'— '

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thought that possibly some individual variation due to the animal

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ially in the last few months. Two years ago the County Medical Society

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favourable for its spread. It must be that there are only a

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pended too much on med'cinal therapy. The most success-

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the number of 8 or 10 daily. It seems to calm menstrual pain so

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As to the application of nitric acid to the interior of the uterus, he was

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have died or resigned. During the year, however, twenty-

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in Case I, and shows that a careful study of ascitic fluids

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the lower portion, with duhiess over the entire lung ;

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it or arising under analogous circumstances, are essentially distinct from it.

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" 13. When pulse and general symptoms agree in a favor-

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vestment, which will then still further delay the escape of the ovum

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ness of the surface, great despondency, or sense of sinking and

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Disturbances of the bladder may therefore result from disease of

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better results. Esniarch tells us that Billroth exam-

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loops are introduced from tube No. 1 into tube No. 2, and then, the

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first metacarpal bone gave a rather light shadow in the skiagram we

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gravity will fall. Cerebral symptoms do not arise from venous conges-

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ficial. Williamson tried strychnin, arsenic, potassium-iodid

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the neck, from the sternum to the chin, which were nearly on a level

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when patients left the institution they would ever sound

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the animal be placed in the vertical feet-down posture, the ?jrain and

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but the compound glycuronates which are met with in urine have a levo-

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epithelium of the proximal convoluted portion of the tubules is

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tissue and, later, of the portal sheaths. The forma-

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proved by direct evidence; it became simply a medical inference : but when

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ight with hienioptysis. It was at first slight, but recurred twice

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is frequently requested to burn or otherwise remove it, and if