in that they react with abnormal readiness and in abnormal ways to
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loss of power in her lower extremities, and two or three months before ber death the bones
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Case V. — -Mrs. G., age thirty-eight, entered the hospital
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from one seminal vesicle to the other and down nearly to
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teftine has been intercepted, and pinched as the French fur-
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M. Gu6rin refuses to attribute to this absorption of simple pus anything more
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ments would not allow him to say whether the child had or had not breathed,!
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all methods of treating disease which do not harmonise
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with the like symptoms in different subjects : so that those which were
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kidney was full, dull and very tender ; pyelonephritis by direct infection from the
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ing chiefly the left arm and the left side of the face; 2d — paralysis,
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Led by these considerations, and at an age when most
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ciousness, and he said, * * I am quite bewildered. May I
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it is pushed forwards, then deep position of the occiput occurred ; if
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the conclusion might be justified, that the lung disease is not a primary but secondary
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IS23," J oin-nal dcr praktischen Ilnlkundv, 1S20, S. IG.
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even remain stationary or become lowered again for a few days. It
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ing out the treatment after reading this section. The closing
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/zCi/mL) for the final 2h of the culture period. Each cal-
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nil when the individual is placed in an atmosphere of the temperature of
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Eucalyptus, Oil of.— H., dr. 2-4 (cc. 8.-15.). D., m. 5-20 (cc. .3-1.3).
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sis disappeared ; pupils were contracted. Tinct. bella-
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whilst at the university. After graduation he devoted himself to active
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or patches in wet meadows and about the edges of ponds and
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lessening the amount of grain required for 100 pounds of gain or in
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feeUe bronchial respiration and crepitation were alone audible,
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the limb presented no unfavourable appearance. The patient made no special
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healed, and the patient has gained flesh since last re-
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Postscript. — The following opinion has been received from Professor
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they are under the watchful eye of their parents and tearhers, that the
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Condyle : wedge removed from neck of condyle in treatment of
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laminaria tent was introduced ; on January 14, 1890, the vagina was plugged