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necessary to ensure maintained effectiveness. Eur Heart J 1988;

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voyage to Europe. At the end of about six weeks he began to improve ; and,

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Erysipelatosa, but later changed the name to Dermatitis Exfoliativa

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Johnson, and refers to the circulation in the kidneys and

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lowed by much improvement in all patients; that pain, headache, dizzi-

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Johnson, and refers to the circulation in the kidneys and

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other similar sounds are emitted ; these may be laryngeal in character

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deafness occurs quite insidiously without warning, pain

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even under equal circumstances, is the statistical fact that

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causation of disease, and the problems which gather about

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danger seems past, the child while at play may by reason of

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present system was objectionable and required modification.

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injuries of the back, or rather of some morbid state of the spinal

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Syr. scillae, liq. morph. sulph., and viu. antimon. equal parts, a teaspoonful

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and extremities generalh' being the only i)arts attacked. It may

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prepared to meet with minute organisms which at the first

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of the patient at the time of invasion. If the constitution have been previously

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number 19 will enter in the formula as the factor t and will also

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well, but the physician knows that they have an injured portion

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be called instances of this disease, but in which a more