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The leave of absence granted Lieut.-Col. Johnson V. D.

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miraculous," and Sir Thomas Browne adds, " Men that look no farther than their

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and make an incision with a razor through the chitinous covering of

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parts. In the one case, you see, they hold that the pigment is

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procured by the use of Battley's sedative solution of opium.

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times, plus $120,000.00 for the morbidity period of these cases, which

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ulceration, and in all likelihood the intermediate host is some biting insect

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pointing to the presence of meningitis (Jaccoud). A prominent and almost

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English universities, while nearly sixty-two per cent,

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Compensation Task Force, and the Medicaid Task Force.

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a more direct connection. Occupations involving a sedentary

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faorn (E.) Die gerichtsarztliche Bedeutung des epilep-

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tain ascending internuncial fibers — a fact that makes

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perature, the condition of the urine, the effect on the

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vagus itself is paralyzed or paretic, the heart's action

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The inflammation of the epiglottis we considered to have been

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six students were infected by the same body ; ' two had

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recommends lime-inhalation in diphtheritic affections.

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preventing the enlargement of cavities by progressive destruction of the

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spasm of paralysis: this is purelj' a "functional" condition, and UHually ixmn

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It is a very easy thing to slip a rubber blanket under

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thesia ; 4. Lesion in one-half of the cord low down

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Berl., 1827, xxiii, 319-321.— Evans (W. H.) A case of

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