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Sir, — The f« llowing case of congenital deformity occurred in the course

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made and the fluid pressed out, the walls of the sac must be

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These are irregular in outline, sometimes pediculated, of

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influence in the production of general paralysis. Thus it has not been

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and extractives have been found to be 'useless,' and as the other

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4. Clinical Therapeutics. — It is clear that the sooner the

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ments, give comparable results so far as the reaction may indicate

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rupture spontaneously leaving a weeping or crusted surface as in

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and thought he felt better. Nov. 5th, 9 A. M., Dr. C. found him in great suffer-

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Control No. 1. Macacus rhesus. June 27, 1906, 11 A. M., given 0.5 c.c.

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MiofUBDefis in one, and being absent in the other. In the former, the

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vular lesion, the patient being affected with exophthalmic goitre. Hyper-

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appeared in due course at the site of inoculation, which was in each case the

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perature and pulse rose, and on the fourth day the temperature

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true maniacal delirium. But ere long the grandiose notions and delusions

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so that he almost screams with pain. He believes that there

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positively one of sclerosis of the posterior columns. Once in a

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mation ensues. Induce perspiration, keep the patient warm in

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prepared exhibit bearing on southern con- received for the Directors by Capt. J. P.

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eighteen months and ten years. In infants and young children the type

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Jieziers, I'Herauit. Dr. Dulac is well known at the tables of

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Predleli pirimieneniya nepodvizbnoati i polza dvizbeniy

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" rheumatic," was chosen simply because it seemed at the time

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Reaction <le la sueur de I boninu-. Lyon med., 189ti, Ixxxiii,

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ment of thought, there is a tendency to attribute a con-

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each da}^ of the water period a higher percentage of the ingested water

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tion for procidentia. The three points, one in front of the oh

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reddish, greenish, or blackish in color. The mucosa is congested and

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+ Maintain attributionTht GoogXt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for informing people about this project and helping them find

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fell into disuse — probably, the author suggests, from

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same question of advanced standing, a question that was undoubt-

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a transverse presentation with prolapse of the cord, and the fourth,

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Deaue's Illustrated Almanac, 1807. London : Deane and Co.

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especially the temporals and masseters. Possibly some foluess of the

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ear, with total third nerve paralysis and slight optic neuritis on

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