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important point is to look to condition of the navel in all such

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After breathing is regular, keep patient warm with blankets.

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fore, it behoves us to well consider if there is any moral law

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Legislature, and so did Trinity Medical College. The rights of the

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The patient had been ill since the previous January and for

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Follow this with equal parts Saltpeter, Sulphur and Powdered

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testinalis. The lower extremities are almost entirely paralyzed, the

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curs. This, taken in connection with other symptoms, is pathognomonic

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13. Pneumothorax from Gas-Producing Bacteria. By F. G.

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source of an infectious diseuse, or trace its origin, we

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The jirinciple of the operation which I practise is this.

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derived from true renal tubules. Ttiese growths are fre-

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weight. Diffusion is not of much value and can not be relied upon

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[9] Reckzeh. Med. Klinik., Berl., 1909, v, p. 1704; Rev. Neurol, and Psychol, 1910,

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patients seeking relief after gastro-jejunostomy, for various

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ing of persons in houses and dirt and squalor of dwellings

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local around the point of injection or general. The

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evacuations." (6) Dickson — who must have seen a multitude of

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' Kead before the Surgical Section of the Suffolk District Medical

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Professor of Ophthalmology in the Woman's Medical College of St

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easily, a bystander remarking that she did it very grace-

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at urination; no nycturia. At times she has a little bearing down pain after

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Later in this stage, small quantities of chicken or veal broth are given — a table-