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and the alkalinity of the blood can be accurately determined. The
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It would seem, therefore, that the mucosa of the bladder should
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3643 cases of chancroids, and 14,435 cases of gonorrheal aft'ec-
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limb does not seem at aU more useful, and is in constant danger
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very much thicker in some parts of the area of operation than in others,
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Middle and Advanced Life. J. Mitchell Bbuce. — In this
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of this latter part of the nervous centre, and regarded it
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striking pigmentation at the borders even after the central portions of the erythema
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to accommodate all who applied for admission, there-
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vical region into the oesophagus, and cutting through the
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been exposed to scarlet fever remained well after five days, but he
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dren are due to hemorrhage. These observations have been confirmed
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from any stomach trouble till then. While at his work,
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• It is true, that in the case related by Puzos, the patient died on the fifth
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vast amount of Sabbath literature, which Christians of all countries would be de-
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ness. This is certainly the effect of sherry, Madeira, and other
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There is no one who has written more completely on the subject
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psychology or mental health programs. In addition, two
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4thly. The presence or absence of delirium must always excite our
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1742; " Essay on Improvement of Midwifery," London,
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laboring under the stress of limited time, fatigue, and pressure of
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ana another with the same condition of the le-. The former
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Affections of sensation. Herman aesthesia, or impairment of sensa-
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septic, but in severe cases cannot be relied upon as a germicide.
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if to these we should be able to add the corrobora-
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FSrstert found the medullary carcinomata far more frequent than the
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commonly attributed to stagnant waters and marsh miasmata. The
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women from the B ... in order to discover by means of the congress in the
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F. Alcan, Paris. — A. Boicesco, " De I'erytheme noueux palustre."
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file of the profession or among their patrons. When
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each give a tone. But this is not applicable to the double femoral tone in tricuspid
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brain infection. Simple alkaline spray is better than nothing but I would add
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Geographical Distribution. — There is no infectious disease which can
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thalmologist's best efforts, until the adenoid vegetations.
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K. Mason Howard, MD, reported on recent developments in malpractice
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epidemic is permitted ; but beer, brandy, and alkaline