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in one of these deep graves kept open in Aldgate Churchyard. (See, in

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"pseudo reactions" when examined independently of the other mediums

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Moon, its influence on fevers and haemorrhages 69, 123, 563

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the Toronto Globe. Dr. A. McPhedran, has retired from general

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ing two incisions— one beginning three or four inches above the

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tion, irritates the duodenum, and as soon as the duodenal

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[The following experiments are useful, as showing the pro-

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Neglect of such precautions may terminate in an unexpected and tragic

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ocular, motor, and optic nerves. Dr. Flexner recalled a case

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ized care. The average hospital stay of those injured ranged

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The pathological importance of the above-mentioned' defeneration of

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diuresis, especially in patients with marked edema. In them salt

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ance was reported in 14.3 per cent, of cases among male admissions

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If the diuretic cannot be discontinued, an initial dose of 2.5 mg should be used under medical supervision for at least

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Scotia. The Dean of Gloucester delivered an oration, exhorting the breth-

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