per cent, clarified solution of potassium or sodium hydrate and enough

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any real accumulation of blood in the lungs, but rather a retardation of

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the extent and to the character of pathologic changes

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Penitentiary, and the same curious fact soon caught his attention ;

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which was induced in the lower limbs. Prompt relief of the

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length. The silver plate is then placed in immediate contact with the bedsore,

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based on any very accurate scientific or statistical basis, and

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his spinal fluid reported as normal. Unfortunately, the patient would not

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gland of its pus collection has been a problem which has

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conditions so variable that misleading conclusions are common. The

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half after the poison had been swallowed. The patient

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compelled to take a short rest On his way home from work hid legs

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striking and fighting with her attendants until completely

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the voice is affected is not a criterion of the extent to which the vocal organs

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by nasal symptoms or cough. The lungs showed prolonged expiration and scat-

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and C. H. Wheelwright, and Passed Assist- 5 — -^ «

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Eight patients were still alive and well when the publication was made.

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hygiene and sanitation, is not only of importance to-day,

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ment of the first Summer Session, and the other half, £45. at the com-

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and splenic flexures, in the rectum, sigmoid, cecum, and appendix. The

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of vitamin E supplements. In the Nurses Health Study

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sibility of suprarenal insufficiency as an element in the clinical pic-

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and possibly fibrinous infiltration. The extreme laxity of the

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in the earlier stages particularly a fair amount of viscid mucus is

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deaths have been caused by this kind of treatment which might otherwise

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154. Mr. J. E., set 48, July 24, '99. Variety, spasmodic ; duration,

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years of age, was brought to him from Western Virginia.

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William Jenner, in his Presidential Address to the Clinical Society, stated

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three healthy children, died five years ago of pulmonary

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Palpitation of the heart is a more common sjmiptom than excite-