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The intense pain in the loins, of which patient complained, occurred

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But it did heal without necessitating this and instead

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June 25-30, 1900. The officers elected were : President and

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completely miss the condition, while the orthostatic, fluoroscopic

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October 13, 1916, 12:10 a.m. — ^Blood-pressure: systolic, 200;

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the tertian, have been observed in the tropics ; but if we wish to pre-

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plexus. Ventricular liieniorrhage is said to be not uncommon

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Soon after this, I went to the place where the accident hap-

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vessel containing water — by the agitation of which

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at all come under the head of genuine acute overstraining of

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grafts, but not all, develop and form malignant growths indis-

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at the end of the fourteeth day I removed the splint and dressings to find

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toms of these conditions, and then proceeded to de-

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formity, and the results of an attempt at manipulation.

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transplant is largely limited to the subsets with either ex-

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Hgh cure rate:* 96% of 571 males, 95% of 294 females

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greatly improve things otherwise. The by the presence of much mucus in the gas-

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sometimes noticed after the first or second passage of the

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ly in this business ; and during that time resided in the midst of

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(A. W. ) Tvplioid fever. Proc. Oregon M. Soc. 1889.

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meter) Designed to Work with a Few Cubic Centimeters of a

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pelvis. 1 supposed, there was hardly an inch and a half of

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sion, for they must be classed with other instances of

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used and were made as follows : A rabbit was killed and im-

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coniiectiii<r the two ulcers probably existed at the

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of Medicine Room will contain the few rare books that the Division Library

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who attends a case of cattle-plague should not visit

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lagra the previous year without recognizing it and that the children

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