of the affected region as to make it undetectable on examination.

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they were also kept awake by him. He therefore had to be placed in the

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series, 33 per cent of the cases showed a cell count

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cavity at level of second rib; many rales; right upper lobe

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Eupture of the colon from impaction, or when resulting from

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was produced by tannic acid, silver nitrate, etc., which resulted in

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others. If we attribute diphtheria to bacteria, we may rea-

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there immediately ensued sharp pain in the region of the

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tinted drawings of every species that came in his way or that

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the conduction time being 0.15 second. The conduction time grad-

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This usually ceases as the uterus rises out of the pelvis, and remains absent

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morning she had not a sign of rash anywhere upon her body. She did

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casts. Diagnosis : Bright's disease, anaemia, weak heart,

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mostly of nothing but mucus hardened and flattened down by protracted

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serman reaction drops to one plus, and on further improvement

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of distension. . . . The tidal wave is the true pulse-wave, and indicates the passage

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■whereas the basilar process and the sphenoid bone should remain separate

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with Formation of Indol Derivatives and Indigo-uria. 135

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importance that persons who are to practise Medicine should

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the " masterly inactivity " was justified. Such an argu-

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bodily rest during menstruation ?" It seems peculiarly appro

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history : it soon dies, and the germs to which it had given

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These statistics, based upon thousands of cases, prove

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strawberry tongue is never present. It affords no protection against measles,

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little more will be gained in keeping the school closed, for it must then

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cases in one of the Dispensary Districts, and have abundant opportunities for observing the smallpox

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j^ssurance of a single-dose, physician-controlled treatment schedule

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44. Causes and Treatment of Secondary Hemorrhage after Parturition. — A

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vagus, not because of any specific activity in the nerves themselves, but,

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Dr Duncan believed, and acted up to the conviction, that work,

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ness, feeling solid and hard; on the left side one part had