Case V. — Sewing girl, aged nineteen years. October 14: For
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should be undertaken as soon as a positive diagnosis can be
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fingers and toes have been hereditary in her family as far back as can be re-
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Many and able men foresaw this difficulty from the beginning, and
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organize in each a district medical society, and all members of com-
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An. r. Acad, de cien. m€(\. . . . de la Habana, 1895-6, xxsii,
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was induced to offer his shekels directly to the King.
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the minimum, or even below this. All these numbers refer
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different parts of the human frame, it is a most extensive and ever
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Hospital and also took his residency training there
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drachm of U. S. solution of morphia, two drachms of
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as a medical agent, cannot be called routine pixictice, any more than that
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them, on two new varieties of Wounira, are the joint result of the re-
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tention to the fact that we are seeing many cases that could be
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Section of Nodule of Urticuria I'igmeutosa, showing masses of mast cells.
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nor tenderness. Fever and the presence of a tumor, especially if the latter be
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lives in twelve weeks, because of the absence of provision of a
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and presented these scarecrows to the association, and while the
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flexures of the arms and legs. The skin of the hands and feet are
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a return. He has performed the oj)eration in nearly
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ducts may arise from the most various causes, and for the etiology of
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2. The second inquiry presents some intrinsic difficulties, and is not
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La Grange J. V., Pharmacist — Granted leave of absence for twenty-three days from September
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Eecently, however, in some cases of suppurative otitis media I
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same question of advanced standing, a question that was undoubt-
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nosis, treatment and prevention of disease, injury or deformity
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agents, named stimuli or excitants. They are an excitation.
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with the strength and rapidity of the stimuli. Local ap-
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Westphal regarded as characteristic of the condition, for which he
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form of astasia-abasia. This is more particularly true when the symptoms