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required of a man who is entering upon the study of this profession,

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the fortunate outcome of six of the operated cases excuses

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acute perforated ulcer is not made, in most cases, until the ab-

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easily defined, and by division of the pretracheal layer of

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cation, a more certain way to secure the desired anaemia

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Wilson, M.D,, H. G. Dunnell, M.D., ^, S. Ball, M.D,, New York; J.

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in its efi"orts to elevate the standard of medical education iu our midst, we have

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times where, from any cause, the patient had passed into a

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sible strychnine reaction, and no trace of atropine.

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I am unwilling to dogmatise further on the subject, but

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it is shown that every day there was a distinct improvement of one inch in his

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Treatment. — ^This is altogether surgical, though Delavan states that

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Chrysophanic Acid and by PnosPiiORUs. — K. Steele

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gave access to the region of the bile ducts. The gall-bladder was

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of lesions jdaccd (1 ) in the lower lumbar enlargement ;

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The above Preparations are put up in Dispensing and Trade Containers.

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found most often in the intestinal tract of mammals,

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due to those indirect chemical changes called catalytic transformations, which

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believe safe to say, it would be the most efficient check

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In anatomy, however, which depends more immediately upon

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solidified lung sink when thrown into water. The volume of the affected

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some special attention, which should be the first step in general treat-

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destroy microbes by ingesting and then digesting them ; (b) the ultra-

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The significance of the eosinophilia in the case of mediastinal and

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wealth pouring in from without, keep our senses and

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